Sponsor, Exhibitor & Vendor Management - Ashton Conference Planning
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Sponsor, Exhibitor & Vendor Management

No matter the size of your event,

there are always more pieces to juggle than you initially planned on. Think of us as the glue that keeps it all together. We eat, sleep and breathe events, so when we say this part of the process is second nature to us, we mean it. We’ll think of everything on your behalf and we’ll get it done before you have the chance to forget it.

We’ll gladly handle:

Vendor contracts and payments

Sponsorship and exhibit package design and fulfillment

Vendor, exhibitor and sponsor management

Expo hall set-up and tear-down

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                                  Michele Nebel Peake


                                  Phone: 301-452-6548
                                  Email: info@ashtonconferenceplanning.com

                                  Recent Tweet

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                                  Through her patience and ability to build solid relationships, she is capable of making everyone feel welcome and essential to the success of the event. Michele’s organizational skills can be seen through her event planning; the conferences remain upbeat and timely and provide information that continues to educate and motivate everyone in attendance.

                                  Lisbeth Calandrino, Associate Publisher and Director of Consumer Research | Fabulous Floors Magazine