Why Ashton? - Ashton Conference Planning
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Why Ashton?

The Ashton Difference

We know we’re not the only event planners out there. Far from it. In fact, you may feel overwhelmed at the array of choices. The truth is, many companies can do a good job with your event. But why settle for good in these uncertain times? Take one variable out of the equation and go with our proven performance history. It’s the Ashton Difference.

Experience talks

We prevent problems before they start. Every team member at ACPP has at least 25 years of experience with various aspects of event planning and management. We’ve seen it all, and we can help you foresee problems so they can be stopped in their tracks.

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We’ll be there for you

Think of us as an extension of your staff. Our goal is much more than producing one great event: it’s a long-term relationship. We take the time to get to know our clients’ culture and organizational goals so we can jump in and assist throughout the year with budgeting, goal setting, marketing, sponsorship, accounting and much more.

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We know content

Content starts with the understanding that every meeting, conference or seminar has a purpose — a set of key messages and takeaways that should be engrained into the minds of attendees. By identifying those objectives, ACPP takes an active role in designing the overall event structure and content. That includes helping presenters understand client objectives and guiding them to adapt their presentations in ways that are proven to resonate with attendees. It also means coaching conference committees and multidisciplinary teams and offering other strategies for successfully achieving client goals.

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We do whatever it takes

Planning is a part of our name. Last-minute project? No problem. Tight budget? We can work with that. Event production requires dedication, experience and above all — flexibility. Ask us, and we’ll make it happen.

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We adapt to you

You don’t have to worry that we’re not experts in your field — we’re experts in ours. We know the questions to ask to get to the heart of what you and your constituents want

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Your bottom line is our bottom line

It’s a mean world out there, and meeting planning today requires constant attention to the colors in the balance sheet. We at Ashton know how to cut costs without compromising quality to keep you in the black.

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