Conference Development & Education Design - Ashton Conference Planning
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Conference Development & Education Design

The heart of your event is its content and how it’s presented …

… and this is where we shine our brightest. Once we’ve established your goals, we dive into the research phase of our process. Whatever industry you’re in, we get to know it inside out, studying websites, interviewing subject matter experts, reading blogs and establishing common themes that matter now. In collaboration with your content experts, we can help develop session titles, descriptions and formats designed to make the most impact for you and your attendees.


This process includes:

Site and vendor selection

Contract negotiation

Budget creation and management

Creative, theme, and content development

Presenters and potential speaker research

Communication with and providing onsite support to presenters

Call for papers, presentations or abstracts management

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                                  Michele Nebel Peake


                                  Phone: 301-452-6548

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