On-site Logistics & Registration - Ashton Conference Planning
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On-site Logistics & Registration

When the day arrives,

we want you to be an active participant in your event. Until the last guest leaves, consider us your go-to resource for anything and everything, from the temperature of the room to the status of your presenters. And while “no surprises” is one of our mantras, even the most well-planned events have to be ready for the unpredictable. That’s why we’ll stay alert, flexible and positive to pivot as needed without missing a beat.

Our onsite management services includes:

Registration and room set-up

Audiovisual and tech team coordination

Guest and client requests


Food and beverage

Digital production

Venue management, pre, during and post-event

Shuttle and transportation services

Gifts and giveaways

Ground transportation



Breakdown and clean-up

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                                  Michele Nebel Peake


                                  Phone: 301-452-6548
                                  Email: info@ashtonconferenceplanning.com

                                  Recent Tweet

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                                  Michele is quite simply a joy and pleasure to work with. She is professional, has great communication skills, and follows up with you immediately. I especially respect her approach to running a conference, which at times can be stressful. She flat out gets the job done and everyone I know appreciates her professionalism and approach to putting on a first-class event.

                                  Bart Bettiga, Executive Director | National Tile Contractors Association